Convention Center Parking

The Raleigh Convention Center is a wonderful upgrade for us!  As it is located in downtown Raleigh, there may be costs assosiated with parking.  Check out the parking deck map to plan ahead!

Tickets Available

General Admission

At 12pm, the doors will open for General Admission; these tickets are only $10 and so will be cash at the door only.  This ticket includes full access to the Exhibit Hall until 5pm, and full access to the Speaker Room.  The door bags are first come, first serve, so we cannot guarantee full door bags for all of General Admisson.  It is best to arrive early if you hope to recieve one!

Early Entry Admission

Get into the expo this year a whole hour early! Your chance to see some of the hottest corals and cutting edge products in the country even before we open the doors for General Admission. The best door bags are given away first, so you will also be sure to get a more loaded swag bag!  Please be sure to arrive as early as possible, so you will be able to walk right in when the doors open - we recommend at least 10:30 to 10:45 arrival time.  These tickets will also be available at the door!

VIP Expo Pass

At an saltwater convention where attendance could reach a thousand people, be one of only 50 VIP Pass Holders.  You will be treated to the FULL expo experience - which includes not only Early Entry benefits and General Admission benefits, but ALSO comes with the Friday Night Set Up Party! Come have a casual chat with some of the industry greats, and be on first name basis by Saturday! The VIP Gift bag is loaded with goodies, definately not your regular swag bag!  VIPs don't need to worry about arriving early the day of the Expo - just flash your VIP tag you recieved the previous night and walk right in!  

VIP Gift Bag

Salty Ceramics


This generous exhibitor has pledged an assorted 50 pack of frag plugs and disks to each VIP Pass Attendee!  FOUR lucky VIP will have RED plugs in their bags - worth 20% off one item at the Salty Ceramics booth!

ReefMART 2019 T-Shirt


What better way to stroll in on show day than in your ReefSMART 2019 T-Shirt?  Having recieved it the night before, you certainly have that option as VIP! 



Knowing your VIP status, the good folks at Polyplab knew you would want to try one of the best dry coral foods on the market, if you haven't already!  They have included a Trial Vial of one of their most popular products, Reef Roids to the VIP Gift Bags!

Mike's Phyto


Phytoplankton, anyone?  Enjoy this coupon for one free 4oz bottle of Mike's Phytoplantkon when you visit, once you have had a chance to experience this product at the expo!


Marathon Aquatics


5 FREE HERMIT CRABS from Marathon Aquatics!  You will find a voucher in your bag, just present it at the Marathon Aquatics Booth for your prize!



2.82oz of TetraMarine Saltwater Flakes from Tetra!  TetraMarine Marine Fish Food is a proven, successful staple flake diet for small and growing marine fish. It is scientifically formulated with Omega-3 fatty acids and biotin supplement for energy and delivers concentrated nutrition for less waste. 

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VIP & Early Entry Tickets