VIP Tickets for ReefSMART 2018

Avoid The Line!

We began our VIP tickets when we realized that people were in danger of getting trampled at the door of the show - since we do what few large expos will - let you in free!  However, we soon realized there were some people who would rather enjoy the show without the mad rush of a basement swap!  People like YOU, who like the idea of a little red carpet treatment!  And that's where the VIP Early Entry Tickets come in!

Get In Early!

The show opens to the general public at 12pm, and is free...but for $20, you can be one of the first ones through the door at 11am!  If there is a rare coral that a vendor only brought one of - that baby is YOURS!  By purchasing your VIP ticket online through the link below, you will avoid TWO sets of lines - because you will have your ticket printed out, ready to breeze right through even the line for people paying at the door!

Better Swag!

As we gather donations for the raffle, we ask companies to donate to our door bags - and guess who gets all the BEST stuff?  Not every company who wants to participate in the door bags can donate 300 - 350 items (the number of door bags we make) on a given product or cool sample, but of course the ones we don't have enough of to share with everyone will definitely be in the VIP bags!  

Kids Under 12 Free!

ReefSMART is a family event, we welcome all 12 and under with their VIP parents or guardians for FREE at VIP Early Entry!  

Tickets Available At The Door!