ReefSMART April 21st, 2018

These amazing sellers are truly the "heart" of the show - we are very grateful for their support this year!  Click on the links below to visit their websites!


Hobbyist Vendors

Daniel Warden

Will be bringing lots of great homegrown acans, among other things!  We have heard rumors we will be bringing a friend of his that also loves to grow acans, as well!  

Missy Timmerman

Missy took off in the hobby with such an amazing growth rate, it wasn't long before she was forced to start fragging!  Come check out some of her awesome healthy cultured frags!  

Douglass Miller

AKA "The Stick Man", we always love having Douglass bring his awesome cultured acro frags!  And with his prices - he doesn't go home with ANY!  

Barbara Anderson

Our longest term hobbyist seller, Barbara has been joining us for many, many years!  She always brings a nice selection of healthy homegrown corals, a great variety!