About Us

Our History

 Founded in 2002 by a group of five coral aquaculturists, Sustainable Reef has evolved to include expositions for the industry.  It began its first venture with that in ReefSMART 2009, which still continues today, along with The Reef Farmers Market in December and the TRF Swaps tri-annually.  In our quest to educate, we have worked with Wake County Libraries presenting classes to children, with North Carolina State University to demonstrate techniques on aquaculturing corals, as well as putting on multiple fragging demos at events.  ReefSMART now incorporates speakers into the schedule again, which is an exciting development for us at Sustainable Reef!

Our Mission

 Our goal is to provide the connection between aquaculturists, breeders, and home reefers for pest free corals and disease free fish.  We believe it is possible to have a beautiful reef aquarium while having low to zero impact on wild reefs - and our mission to help you do it!  Every level of aquarist has a way to make a difference in how the reef hobby progresses, and now more than ever it is important to do so with so many places banned from export.  Before ten years passes, we may see all corals banned, and possibly fish and mobile invertebrates as well.  The links below are a good starting point, and please feel free to mention any of the wholesalers to your LFS; both will thank you!