About Us

ReefSMART is an annual expo in Raleigh, NC, put on by the non profit Sustainable Reef, a 501c3 organization. The event is at the end of April, usually the third Saturday of the month. Come attend the largest reef event in NC, we can't wait to meet you! Come join us at our 2018 show - it will be our 9th anniversary this year!  

ReefSMART April 21st, 2018

Awesome Vendors

Awesome vendors this year!  We are very excited to have a wide variety of corals at the show - and even clams, mobile inverts, and clownfish! 


This year, for the first time in at least 6 years - we will have speakers at ReefSMART.  We have a few great ones lined up; meet them here!


At our 2017 raffle, we had 64 feet of raffle items!  Try your hand at this game of chance, and support ReefSMART - ticket packs are available at the raffle tables!

Door Bags

We always make around 300 door bags, so be sure to get there when we open if you would like one, because the best ones go first and we have never put on a show with less than 300 people, it is usually more like 500!  To be sure and get the very best door bag, register for Early Entry below!

Trading & Selling

Trading is absolutely allowed, and encouraged!  ReefSMART is an expo put on by the non profit Sustainable Reef, and we LOVE hobbyist sales and trades - more aquaculture for us all!  In an effort to protect our valued vendors (the show does not go on without them!) we cannot allow any sales without a paid table or booth.  We do have Hobbyist Community Tables, however!  

Hobbyist Community Tables

For just $10 you can sell whatever you like - trading is always FREE, no pass needed!  These tables do not have electricity, so be sure to bring a blue flashlight to show off the colors of your wares!  Hobbyist selling passes are sold at the door on the day of the show, just bring yourself, your corals, equipment, or fish...and $10!  *Space at a table is not guarranteed, this is a "selling pass"*